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3FX Wins Again!

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3FX has been innovating and delivering the world’s best medical animation and display technology solutions to our clients for 19 years and we continue to get the recognition and hardware to prove it! After sorting through approximately 1,000 submissions in print, video, integrated and interactive categories, The RX Club prestigious judging committee has selected our entries as a winner in the 27th Annual Rx Club Show!  We also just received another audience recognition award for a very cool project we did for the Franklin Institute here in Philadelphia.  The Full Dome Show, To Space and Back 3D, won the Audience Choice Award at the 2013 Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival.  We are proud of our work and once again getting recognized, but most important is our client’s receive the best-in-class medical animation, augmented reality, display technology and print pieces in the industry.  Because we have the expert staff in medical animation, medical writing and healthcare industry marketing, we are strategic partners along side our clients, not just a tactical arm.  Give us a shout! We will bring your science discoveries to life.

Fresh New Eyes

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As you may have heard, we recently hired a wonderful strategist, Neil Gottlieb. Over the past couple of days , the two of us have been talking about our company’s strengths, and during these discussions, there is something I realized. When you run a successful company for the many years 3FX has been around, it’s easy to start to take the fact we have not only survived, but thrived through all of the global ecomomic challenge for granted. There have been so many instances where Neil has pointed out how unique and exciting 3FX is that I am now seeing our company through a fresh pair of eyes and with a renewed appreciation for what we do and who we are!

I was reminded how unique a team we are. How talented the artists are and how we have accumulated a perfect mix of individuals that possess both creative and artistic skills as well as  science skills. We are truly a “whole brain” operation (both left and right brains covered!). But beyond their individual abilities, I realize that as a collective group we are much more than that. We have an intangible x factor that makes our group amazing!

Our clients seem to think so too, as a common feedback theme is how we rise to any given challenge, and I think they know we just “get it”. I know we are willing to go the extra mile because we understand that accumulation of our skills isn’t the point but rather the appreciation of our client’s experience with us.

In the 18 years that we’ve been around, the thread that keeps us together here at 3FX is our passion for what we do. And this passion translates to a commitment to not only our clients, but to each other and the community as well.

It’s funny how it takes someone new to open your eyes to what’s already there!

For more about challenge, passion, and commitment meet us on our facebook and twitter page!


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Ok, so anyone getting to know me knows I run marathons.  Yes, I am insane.  Who puts their bodies and minds through arguably the most grueling experience possible by choice?  Well, insane people I suppose.  As one reads my blogs, fitness, mental and physical well-being, discipline and inspiration is something I hope to relay, or at the very least, a good laugh is ok too!

Why write about running marathons and all of the “stuff” that gets one ready to do such an event?  How is it connected at all with the world of pharmaceutical marketing and learning? Read on….it all makes sense I promise!

I am not a kid…I am over 40, stuck with years of habits, attitudes, personality traits, etc.  Blame my parents I suppose for the genetic person I am!  So, to deal with the genetic “demons” and to prepare myself to run several of these races a year, including the Boston Marathon next week, and train, often twice a day and over 100 miles a week of running, it takes research, patients, focus and an open mind.  Coming from the Sales, Marketing and Learning world on the business side of my life, I realized early on (I could have written a book on Adult Learning Principals years ago before the term was coined) I needed help.  Adults, generally speaking, revert back and have the attention -span and patience of an 8 year old!  We need short bursts of information, need to know content, delivered in a unique, compelling way stimulating the brain to want to watch or read more. This applies both personally and professionally for me and most, if not all adults looking to learn and grow.  I found websites, blogs, magazines and other ways to gather information and gravitated immediately to those items that were exactly what I needed…short, targeted, compelling and fascinating on the eye and wouldn’t take me more than 10 minutes to grasp but saved me hours of training headaches.  I have volumes of running books, some over 800 pages, collecting dust.  So the question is, why don’t all corporations, individuals both personally and professionally adopt Adult Learning Principles, and embrace them for the brilliance and effectiveness that they are?  Well, follow my  3FX blogs, comment and debate, and let’s go on the journey to reshape our approach to marketing and learning, working together to develop interesting, effective, compelling marketing and learning solutions that engender thinking and compel the audience to have a desire to engage and potentially change behavior.  Sounds more fun than 26.2 miles, doesn’t it?

3FX: Collaborative Learning via Multi-touch Interactive Experiences

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Today’s digital technology allows access to seemingly endless amounts of data, but until recently, review and dissemination has been a single-user, single-touch endeavor.

New multi-touch surface displays provide intuitive multi-user interfaces, allowing several viewers to interact and connect within a “socially collaborative” environment. This technology offers an ideal experience for presenting, sharing, and consuming information, while increasing productivity and educational opportunities.

In addition to award winning medical animation, 3FX offers this unique multi-touch display technology for product education and brand marketing. Our clients benefit from our expertise in application design & development, information integration and dynamic scientific visualizations.

Content can be virtually anything – MOD/MOA animation, 3D model manipulation, marketing and branding materials, videos, data charts & graphs, text, PI, ISI, etc.

Your most critical information can all be integrated and accessed within this dynamic display, and will really stand out from the crowd.

3FX is the exclusive re-seller and content provider for Ideum multi-touch interactive tables & walls within the healthcare marketplace. Ideum Multi-touch Tables are 55” High Definition screens, while the 2” thin Presenter Wall display is a massive 65” HD screen. All systems have an integrated computer and support for 32+ simultaneous touch points. They perform flawlessly in virtually any lighting situation, perfect for utilizing them within various environments.

Custom table and wall configurations are available to create even bigger collaborative experiences – specific to your application and footprint.

Revamped 3FX.com is Live!

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We’re very happy to announce that the revamped 3FX.com is live!

We welcome you to head over and take a look around. There are many new elements of the site, as well as plenty of improvements from our old design. One of the newest additions that we are most proud of is the “Featured Project” section, with the link located in the bottom left corner of our homepage. This new area of our website was designed to highlight a featured project or specific therapeutic area that we want to share with our web guests, and will be updated over time.

Our first featured project is Ophthalmology Therapeutic Area.

Here, we touch on the challenges, as well as the advantages of creating animated medical animation content for ophthalmology, including past project experience.

Once you get a chance to browse, let us know what you think!